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Nancy Bladfält

Designer: Nancy Bladfält



BA in Industrial Design at UiD, Umeå.
Worked as a designer at LEGO, Denmark 1999-2001.
Designed patterns for textiles and other products 2003 - 2015. Working as an interior designer at Sweco Architects.

My style is playful, simple and often inspired by nature.

Tepper av Nancy Bladfält

Design: Railway

Railway is a new version of the classic cars rug. The fact that the track begins and ends at the rugs edges means that the play can continue beyond the borders of the rug. The child can make a path with toys, tunnels, lakes or other obstacles that the train can travel through. The tracks can even be used as a path for cars or hopscotch for small figurines. Houses and sheep also encourage other play where the vehicle is not the main focus. The soft shapes in the corners can be clouds, trees or even a creepy fog that should be avoided.

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